Carol Ponder and Robert Kiefer

///My Father's War

My Father's War

A Story of War, Survival, and Grace


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Our Vision: To be a catalyst for healing and reintegration for veterans of all ages within their families and communities; to raise awareness in all audiences of what we ask from those who serve.


Our Mission: Through performances of the highest quality, post-show discussions, and creative workshops, to honor and serve our veterans and to help our communities process the social and cultural effects of war with integrity, in an honest and responsible manner.

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"Wow! What an awe-inspiring performance! My Father's War was one of the more memorable performances at the Alvin C. York VA Medical Center in recent years.  The post-show discussions were equally as amazing...If you serve in a State Veterans Home, VA Medical Center, or you provide care for Veterans, My Father's War is a must see!"  Reinaldo Roman: Voluntary Service Specialist, Tennessee Valley Healthcare System


      Imagine that you are a veteran and that you have held your story inside ever since you experienced the heroism, humor, and horror of war.  It doesn't matter which war, from WWII to Iraq and Afghanistan.  The seen and unseen wounds of war affect veterans and their families in every generation and in all wars.  What does matter is that sharing, talking about the experiences and personal consequences of war, may very well be the way to begin healing from them.


      My Father's War is a catalyst for this healing.  It is a two-person storytelling performance adapted from my (Carol's) father's WWII memoir which he titled Ponder Anew What the Almighty Can Do.  Robert becomes Lt. Herschel Ponder, telling his story with words chosen verbatim from the memoir.  I provide a narrative context and beautiful, emotion-filled songs and underscoring from the period and from my family's home in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina. 


Witnessing the live performance of my father's story inspires veterans of all ages to begin talking about their own wars.

      When they begin to talk they can begin to heal, especially from unseen wounds like Post Traumatic Stress or PTS.  For non-veterans, My Father's War offers an opportunity to understand what it is we ask of those who serve.


"At the heart of all good theater is a great story.  And My Father's War certainly fits that description - thanks to the considerable talents of esteemed artists (and husband-and-wife team) Robert Kiefer and Carol Ponder....  Balancing humor and horror, Ponder's matter-of-fact recollections are intensely personal.  And yet the tone is familiar to anyone whose life has been touched by war....  My Father's War honors the great tradition of storytelling."  Amy Stumpfl: Theater Review, Nashville Tennessean


After the discussion, creative writing and performing workshops focus and deepen the healing and understanding for all audiences.  Participants create short works of art (poems, memoir events, songs) in response to My Father's War that are also grounded in personal experience.  With coaching in aspects of performance, they then share their work with the group.  In clinical settings, we work with mental health professionals present. They are enthusiastic about the healing power of My Father's War - performances, discussions, and workshops. 


As of today, we have have provided over 100 performances of My Father's War in seven states - all with discussions and many with workshops. With your help, we can partner with Veterans Administration facilities and other organizations who serve veterans, as well as schools, universities, arts centers, houses of worship, and non-traditional theatrical venues all over the country. Please help us bring the healing power of Lt. Herschel Ponder's story to diverse audiences everywhere.


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